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Welcome to Fred's Cars

Welcome to Fred's cars, this is a site where I will be talking about, big surprise, cars. Mostly it will be about my favourite car brands. Since that is going to be a personal opinion I don't really expect you to agree with me, although if you don't love the Bugatti Veyron there is something wrong with you. I am not here to make recommendations on what kind of car you should or shouldn't buy this is simply about my personal favourites. I have my own prejudices and biases and that will undoubtedly be reflected in my choices but I have tried to include a wide variety of car types so that everybody can enjoy the site.

Any car enthusiast has a favourite car, there tends to be far more loyalty to a brand in the automotive industry than there is in just about any other industry. Everybody knows somebody who always buys the same brand over and over again possibly dozens of times over the course of their lives. Other people don't have the same kind of loyalty they will go from one brand to another as the new models come out and they can assess which one they like the best. Regardless of what kind of car buyer you are there are lots of options available, this site will look at some of the best.

The types of cars will discuss will run the gamut from the inexpensive but very fun Mini to the ultra exclusive, ridiculously expensive Bugatti and everything in between. There are cars for every price range and every taste. Luxury cars, sports cars, SUVs even economy cars they are all covered. This isn't intended to provide a judgement on the vehicles or to offer advice on what you should buy it is simply a look at some favourites. Of course choosing a favourite car is very much a personal preference and some people have some strange choices but this site will cover most people's top picks.

By and large choosing a favourite car brand is going to be an emotional decision at least as much as it is a logical one. That means that there is no such thing as a wrong choice, opinions may differ but you are as entitled to your beliefs as much as I am to mine. This site has tried to offer a wide enough variety that most people will be able to find at least one of their favourite brands. For the luxury car fans we have Mercedes, Lexus and Rolls-Royce. Porsche, BMW, and Masareti are here for those who like something a little sportier. We also have the Hummer and Mini for people who are into those types of cars. And then there is the Bugatti for people who just like to fantasize about absurdly expensive, ridiculously impractical cars. Who wouldn't love to own one even if it isn't quite clear what you would use a car like that for?

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