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BMW - Legendary German Car Maker

Think of high performance sports sedans and the first name that comes to almost everyone's mind is BMW. Some manufacturers are just automatically associated with a certain type of car and this is certainly the case with BMW. They made their name selling sports sedan and that is what they continue to do, and they do it better than anybody else. This is a big part of the reason that the company has been so successful. They have built up a loyal following and they have continued to meet the expectations of their fans. Unlike a lot of other manufacturers who try to produce a car to satisfy everybody BMW sticks to building cars that they know there loyal buyers are going to love.

BMW started out as one of the first manufacturers of aircraft engines in Germany but after the First World War they were no longer able to produce aircraft motors as the result of the restrictions placed on Germany. Instead the company moved into producing motorcycles and later cars. When World War 2 rolled around they were able to get back into aircraft engine production but after the war they moved back into the production of cars. The company struggled for a number of years as they tried to produce small economy cars. Unfortunately there was too much competition in that market and they had to go a different way. In the early sixties BMW introduced the 700 which quickly became a best seller and established the company's reputation for sports sedans.

Since then BMW has grown markedly and although still best known for their sports sedans they offer most types of cars. Regardless of the type of car all BMW's are well known for their high level of performance. This is what has attracted a loyal following of buyers. There may be others who can compete with them on the luxury side of things but when it comes to performance and the driving experience there is nobody in even their league. This has been a hallmark of the company since the sixties and it is something they work hard to maintain. Unlike a lot of manufacturers they know what has made them successful and they have continued to do it.

Of course any company that produces a high performance car is going to have a long history in the world of motorsport and this is true of BMW. Unlike other companies this isn't just a marketing ploy it is part of their brand. Nobody is going to take you seriously as a sports car maker if you don't race your cars and do it successfully. BMW is well aware of this and have been racing their cars right from the start. In part this helps in the development of the cars but mostly it is done to establish BMW as a top producer of high performance sports sedans.