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Lexus - The Luxurious Japanese Cars

Lexus is one of the great success stories of the luxury car industry. Admittedly with the might of Toyota behind them they were always likely to be successful but most people were shocked by how fast it happened and by how successful they actually became. The company grew out of a desire for the economy car producing Toyota to move into the very profitable luxury car business. They quickly produced one of the best cars on the market and priced it well below their competitors. Not surprisingly sales were brisk and the company's future was assured. In a remarkably short time Lexus has become one of the major players in the luxury car business. With a whole fleet of vehicles available across all classes the company is one of the most successful brands around.

Lexus is the premium car division of Toyota; they were created to sell the idea of Japanese luxury cars. In the early days of Toyota they developed a reputation for producing good quality but inexpensive economy cars. They realized that if they wanted to increase sales they were going to have to move into the luxury car market since that was a much more profitable segment of the market. The result was a project to develop a high quality luxury car. At the same time the marketing people understood that it was going to be tough to sell a luxury car under the Toyota name because of the reputation they had for economy cars. The result was the decision to create a separate company called Lexus.

Despite being a luxury car Lexus understood that they needed to compete on price so the early versions were sold at much lower prices than competing Mercedes or BMWs. Combined with the fact that the car got outstanding reviews and was widely considered the best luxury car available it quickly became a best seller and the Lexus brand was on its way. The company expanded aggressively and moved into most of the world's major markets. The company no longer tries to compete on price and they are now priced at around the same level as similar cars from their competitors. Nevertheless the high quality of their product has allowed them to remain near the top of the luxury car sales charts.

The current Lexus lineup includes all the vehicles you would expect to find. Compact, mid-size, full-size and SUVs. They have become a major player in the world's luxury car market in a remarkably short time. One unique thing about the Lexus as compared to other Toyota products is that it is largely produced in Japan. A big part of Toyotas success was that they spread their manufacturing around the world so that their cars are produced near to where they are sold. Lexus didn't do this, other than one assembly plant in Canada to produce SUVs the other cars are all produced in Japan.