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Porsche - The Best German Sports Car Maker

The name Porsche is iconic to sports cars. The company got its start by building the best sports cars and this is what they have continued to do. The result has been a very loyal following that has made them one of the most successful manufacturers in the world. The company once started out working for Volkswagen, they now own Volkswagen. This is because Porsche understand what their customers want and produce it better than anybody else.

Porsche are certainly the best German sports car maker and might very well be the best in the world. It is hard to think of sports cars without having the Porsche name come to mind. The company was founded by Ferdinand Porsche as a car design company. He designed cars for other companies but didn't actually build any himself. It was in this capacity that he designed the famous Volkswagen Beetle. During World War 2 the company also designed tanks for the German army. In the days after the war Ferdinand Porsche lost his job with Volkswagen when the British took over running the company and so he started his own manufacturing company building sports cars.

The early Porsche designs were built primarily using parts from the Volkswagen Beetle, mainly because they were the only ones available in post war Germany. The key design innovation of the early Porsche was that it was rear engine, it was also air cooled, things that were very rare back then and remain so even today but have always been signatures of the Porsche company. The result was a very well balanced car something that resulted in great success on the race track. You can't very well build a sports car and not race it, none of your customers will take you seriously otherwise. The Porsche proved to be a great race car because its balance made it so easy to handle. Many other cars on the track were more powerful but none of them handled as well, this was always the key to Porsches success.

The company has continued to build cars that are rear engine, air cooled designs just like they always have and it has paid off. Customers know exactly what to expect when they buy a Porsche. The company departed from this when they entered the SUV market and it caused quite an up roar. Although it was widely agreed that Porsche built the best SUV there were a lot of people who didn't like the fact that the company was producing something other than a sports car. Fortunately the company got through this and their SUV actually became a good seller. More importantly there loyal customers have remained loyal and that has always been the key to the company's success. They have many repeat customers as most people who buy a Porsche will go onto buy several others.