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Rolls Royce - Pure English Luxury

When you think of the ultimate luxury car the name Rolls-Royce almost always comes to mind. There is a good reason for this, they build the ultimate luxury car and they have been doing it for a long time. The car may not be the flashiest in the world, especially when it comes to appearance but there is no denying that it is at the top of the heap when it comes to luxury features. The cars are still hand built like they've always been and this helps to keep the quality high.

Rolls-Royce is pure English Luxury, sort of. Technically they are pure German luxury since the company is now owned by BMW and new Rolls are designed in Germany, although they are still built in England. Rolls-Royce is one of the oldest brands around having been founded in 1903. There is no more famous top of the line luxury brand than Rolls-Royce. The company became famous for hand building their cars and that continues to this day. The only automated part of the process is the painting which is done by robots. This along with the fact that production is very limited is what gives the brand its cache.

The top model currently being produced by Rolls-Royce is the Phantom. This is the definition of a luxury car. The engine for the phantom is built by BMW but the rest of the car is still unique to Rolls-Royce and is assembled at their factory in England. The impression that most people have of a Rolls is that it is an old fashioned car that hasn't really changed in design in decades. This is decidedly untrue, although the outside appearance of the car has remained similar to the way it looked in the past the modern Phantom is very much a high performance luxury car. It has all of the modern features that you would expect to find on any other luxury car.

One of the most famous features on a Rolls-Royce is the hood ornament, of which the modern one has to be the most high tech hood ornament on any car. The hood ornament is called the "Spirit of Ecstasy" and was modeled on a real woman by the name of Eleanor Velasco Thornton. It is this ornament more than anything that symbolizes the Rolls-Royce brand. The "Spirit of Ecstasy" that comes on the current version of the Phantom is mounted on a spring loaded mechanism that will retract in the event of an accident in order to protect pedestrians. It can also be retracted by the push of a button in order to prevent theft. If you forget to retract it not to worry, there is a sensor that will retract it automatically if it is tampered with. Given the theft rate of Rolls-Royce hood ornaments this is probably a good idea.